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Identifying your current stress level lets you begin to consider what support you may need.

Survey of Stress Symptoms

Step One:

Check each symptom that you have experienced within the last month, then count the number of items that you have checked. The symptoms must be experienced to a level that you identify as critical.

Psychological Symptoms

Physical Symptoms

Check all the item that apply to you on this Stress Test. (You may download it and print it from this link.)

Step Two:

Estimate Your Stress Level

Number of items checked estimates your level of stress

0-7 Low (within the normal range)

8-14 Moderate (experiencing some distress)

15-21 High (experiencing difficulty coping)

22+ Very High (unable to cope)

• • •

As you review your symptom list think of ways that you can take care of yourself, make changes, delegate tasks to others, etc. that can alleviate the physical and emotional distress that you experience.

• • •

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